We use Dental Direkt, imes icore milling mashine for the production of Zr crowns, bridges and metal constructions. We produce IPS. E-max crowns, veneers, occlusal veneers, onlays, bridges. We only use high-quality EU certified alloys which do not contain Ni or other hazardous elements for the casting of metal constructions. We use Heraeus Kulzer, Willi Geller ceramic masses for metal coating, as well as Signum Ceramis composite for metal composite works.

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Range of available products


Non-metallic ceramics


Layered zirconia crown / bridge unit

Multi-layered full-contour zirconia crown with a ceramic facet


Multi-layered – full contour zirconia crown




Solid – full contour zirconia crown with ceramic facet

Solid – full contour zirconia crown


Zirconia onlay



Non-prep veneers – REOX thin veneers

IPS e.max crown - solid, staining method

IPS e.max crown – layered

IPS e.max solid crown with ceramic facet

IPS e.max veneer Press Impulse

IPS e.max onlay


Metal ceramics (CrCo, Au) 

Metal ceramic unit REOX


Metal ceramic unit 



Metal ceramic on milled CadCam frame

Ceramic on laser-sintered metal frame*

Richmond metal ceramic crown 

Maryland metal ceramic bridge  

Metal occlusal surface (per unit)

Porcelain margin (per unit)

Ceramic gingival mask - pink (per unit) 

Ceramic application (per unit) 

Ceramic repair (per unit)  

Work with AU per unit (excluding Au price) 

Lingual or palatinal milling of a crown part of circular prosthesis 

Ball attachment

Metal composite (CrCo, Signum) 


Metal composite crown 

Metal composite crown with metal occlusal surface 

Metal composite tooth in circular prosthesis

Richmond metal composite crown 

Maryland metal composite bridge 

Glass ceramic composite (Signum) 

Signum ceramis crown 

Signum ceramis onlay 

Cast crowns, bridges, onlays (CrCo, Au) 


Cast metal crown / bridge unit 


Metal crown / milled Cad/Cam bridge unit



Richmond cast metal crown 

Cast metal onlay 

Titaning (TiN) 

Work with AU per unit (excluding Au price) 

Telescopic crowns (CrCo, Au) 

Primary telescopic crown 

Secondary telescopic crown for circular prosthesis

Secondary telescopic crown – metal composite 

Temporary plastic crowns (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, D3, C3) 


Plastic crowns 


Milled plastic crown (Cad/Cam)



Plastic crown with metal fastener 

Cost of additional work for a plastic crown on implant unit  

Inlays (CrCo, Au, Zr2O) 


Direct method 


Metal root inlay 

Zr2O root inlay – single-piece 

Zr2O root inlay – multi-piece (per each piece)

Indirect method 


Metal root inlay 

Metal root inlay – multi-piece (per each piece) 

Development of metal root inlay under the crown 

Zr2O root inlay – single-piece 

Zr2O root inlay – multi-piece (per each piece) 

Work with AU per unit (excluding Au price) 

Opaque coating for metal inlay 



Work with AU per unit (excluding Au price) 

3D cast scanning 

Opaque coating for metal inlay 



* Dental Direkt, Germany

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