About us

Dūma & Vizbules zobu tehnika Ltd. company was established in 1999 and throughout our years of operation we have become one of the leading companies in our sector.

Since 2005, we have been the partner laboratory of German raw material manufacturer Heraeus Kulcer in Latvia.

We are innovative and open to new ideas; we follow current developments and introduce new products into the manufacturing, which are competitive in our country and abroad. 
We would like to develop businesslike relations with our customers and patients based on respect and that would facilitate mutual gain as a result of our operation.

We can offer all possible contemporary dental prosthetics products that are connected with the use of modern technologies. 

Working at the company are qualified, experienced specialists, who have acquired extensive experience in the production of dentures and, who are capable of performing complicated orders.

If required, there is the possibility to receive free consultations and recommendations. Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable construction of dentures in order to reach the desired results.

SIA Dūma & Vizbules zobu tehnika
Rīga, Elizabetes iela 65-14 (5th floor)

Telephone(+371) 67282747, (+371) 29559554

Fax(+371) 67282747

E-mailinfo@dvz.lv , foto@dvz.lv