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Lithium Disilicate is a genuinely revolutionary new material, introduced by Ivoclar Vivadent, which unites high durability and aesthetic properties. It is made of glass ceramics, combining such properties as transparency, durability and flexural strength – up to 360-400 MPa.

Upon the selection of the compressed ceramics bars, we can use a wide range of offers, starting with HO – opalescents to HT translucents, choosing the required colour, which is available in 16 AD hues, respectively; we can acquire the required aesthetic result. 4 bleached hues are available as well.

IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate can be used for the frontal and lateral restoration of the teeth:

  IPS e.max Press
lithium disilicate 
 Anterior Crowns X
 Posterior Crowns  X
Veneers  X
Thin Veneers (0.3.mm)  X
Anterior Bridges  X
 Posterior Bridges  X
Inlay  X
Onlay  X
 Implant Restorations  X

It is a biocompatible material and this property is considered to be the quality of this material. It can interact with live tissue; it does not cause any adverse reactions.

The ceramic can work by using various techniques, for instance, layering, tinting and the Cut-Back technique. In all cases, reaching a natural, aesthetic result is possible. It is possible to individualise the crown by using the wide Essence and Shade range, to reach sufficient transparency, or any other effect.

For more information, visit the web page of Ivoclar Vivadent: ivoclarvivadent.de

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